Susie Moore – Stop Seeking Approval And Attain True Self-Confidence

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We loved speaking with Susie Moore, who has such fun energy, and today we talk about her recently released book, called Stop Checking Your Likes. Susie also runs a media company and has been on Oprah and the Today Show. Listen in as she breaks down all these limiting beliefs that a lot of us carry around unknowingly, and has some very simple ideas on how to deal with that because it’s not serving you. 

We talk about what it means to “stop checking your likes” as it’s something that holds a lot of people back from growing their business since they are scared of what people might think of what they’re doing, as the need for approval stops a lot of people from having those necessary conversations. We also touch on some PR strategies and some golden nuggets on how to get in touch with the right people in the media. After the show, make sure to listen to our previous episodes with Kamal Ravikant and Craig Ballantyne, which will give you even more insight on mindset, and how to focus more on yourself while you move towards your goals.

Are we giving ourselves credit? Are we giving ourselves compassion? are we allowing things to be easy? I think this is the key to everything becoming far simpler in our lives and allowing us to be more successful” – Susie Moore

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get over the need for approval from others
  • Why it’s a good thing to admit to not being the expert
  • Ways to step away from constantly needing social media gratification
  • How to find your customer avatar
  • Ways to promote yourself using the power of the media
  • Moving forward in your business via course correction and losing products that don’t serve you 
  • The imposter syndrome concept and how to use it to your advantage
  • How to break down barriers that are limiting your potential
  • And much, much more!

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