Sue B. Zimmerman – How To Create Engagement And Drive Traffic From Instagram

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We’re chatting with Sue B. Zimmerman today, who is a go-to authority on all things Instagram. You can also check out a bunch of screen shares at HustleAndFlowchart,tv so you can follow along to get the visuals she shared with us. Sue B. started her journey on the platform with her case study based on her retail experience, and she has evolved to use it in her business today with all the tactics and various functions available that most people are not utilizing. We talk about her use of a text expander and having pre-saved messages which are a huge time saver. Sue B. also has a very successful YouTube channel. Today we dive into her tactics, our own mistakes in trying to grow our Instagram channel, and how we’ve had to undo a lot of those errors. 

From Instagram guides to Instagram reels to Instagram posts, carousels to IGTV to IG Live and more, Sue has got you covered! She is truly an Instagram expert and is currently one of only 20 beta testers using Instagram’s new Mobile Monkey engagement tool, which she says is a game changer. We also talk about the role of Clubhouse and how it relates to Instagram, how to properly set up your messages in your DM’s, what to do if you do not have the ‘swipe up’ capability, as well as the difference between business accounts and personal accounts. This show is one you do not want to miss as it’s packed full of tactics! Once you’ve got some ideas, make sure to tune into our chats with Gary Henderson and Los Silva to dive into even more tactics on how they are using Instagram to its fullest potential.

There is a conversation hub for every hashtag and if the conversation does not align with your business, values, audience or interests, you shouldn’t be using that hashtag.” – Sue B. Zimmerman

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How we botched our own Instagram account
  • Priming the pump to grow your organic reach
  • How to utilize the carousel feature effectively to get your audience engaged
  • How to direct link to your highlight reels
  • Creating an Instagram guide using your content or someone else’s
  • How Sue B. creates her flow, with teaser trailers and live links
  • The Instagram version of Tik Tok and why you need to use it now
  • What to do if you don’t have the swipe up capability
  • Adding your guest’s image to your content: why or why not?

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