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Four years ago, Los Silva reluctantly let his business partner take over their marketing agency. He tried doing speaking events, some consulting, but it all felt boring until an influencer asked him to help with their social media brand. Within a month, he hit six figures and was finally building a team he was excited to work with.

Los is a master team builder. He knows how to hire the right people (not “experts”), train them to excel, and build a workplace that everyone can’t wait to get to in the morning. With his business, he has brought over 5 social media brands way past the 7 figure mark using his own processes to leverage content, influencers, and culture.

This episode is like a twofer as Los Silva shares with Matt and Joe both how to build an awesome team and crush it on social media using his processes to train “blank slate” employees, leveraging social content and an influencer’s audience. When you’re done, get some more advice about hiring from Tim Francis and content production with Travis Houston.

I can’t grow without people, that’s always been my logic… I’ve done every job here and everyone here is way better than me now, by far.” -Los Silva

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why long distance relationships don’t work (we’re talking about business)
  • The leverage you need before you can scale on social media
  • 3 things to know before your next hire
  • Why “blank slates” are better than “experts”
  • How to share the wealth and have a team that’d work for free
  • Advice for making a fulfilling work culture (not just jobs!)
  • The best service to do your customer support
  • How to manage Influencer Burnout and get on track
  • The most effective content on Instagram right now
  • Keeping your offers “super chill” (it’s how customers like ‘em)
  • An easy hack to build your audience from scratch
  • The one type of account you must focus on
  • Getting every employee to have fun making content

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