How To Make Stock Investing “Not Scary” – Danielle Town

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For years, Danielle Town was practically stuffing the money she made as a start-up attorney under her mattress, even though her father is a famous investor. When the stress of her job was making her severely ill, her dad told her it was time to take that cash and make it work for her.

Now Danielle has discovered the secret to transforming financial fear into financial freedom. She is a New York Times bestselling author and avid personal investor, guiding countless people to overcome their reluctance in investing and put their money where their values are through her newsletter, courses, podcast, and books.

Time to take a peek at your savings account as Danielle shows Matt and Joe how to get over their fears of investing money, the best tool out there to invest on your own, and 4 principles to pick the right stocks. When you’re done, get some more financial advice from our conversations with Phil Town and Phil Newton.

Okay, this investment practice is not just about money, it’s about me and my life and being connected to my family and supporting my family…” -Danielle Town

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to cure your fear of stock investing
  • Why hoarding money is losing money
  • Great tools to invest on your own with minimal fees
  • The greedy reason financial managers keep you in fear mode
  • How to grow as a person while growing your assets
  • Getting out of the job-zone and into the living-zone
  • Transforming the world with socially conscious investing
  • Experts with real how-to advice for financial independence
  • How to recognize when a stock is on sale
  • What you need to do before putting down real money
  • 4 principles to find the right investments for you
  • An action plan for first-time investors

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