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This three-time New York Times best-selling author didn’t take the traditional route to the top of the stock market. In fact, Phil Town actually started his humble career as a portfolio manager and value-investing master as a Grand Canyon tour guide looking to escape the cold autumn nights inside his teepee in Flagstaff.

Phil definitely became a force to be reckoned with, and fast. In five years flat, following four simple rules, he turned $1,000 into a cool $1.5 million.

From intern to author, and on to speaker, Phil spent the last decade teaching others the exact principles he uses so they can build their own wealth. While his first speaking gig may have landed his wife in jail, Phil, his wife and his team have come a long way since, teaching over 15,000 students at live events every year.

Listen in as Joe and Matt learn how to move past the “head trash” many people face when they start the process of investing in the market. And, if this episode got you jazzed and ready to tackle the market, be sure to check out this options-trading episode with Phil Newton, and Joe’s post about automated investing to build savings and wealth.

I’m only a little bit rich, but I’m comfortable, and I get to play polo a lot, you know?” – Phil Town

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Gimmie 4 steps gimmie 4 steps misters…
  • Why modern portfolio theory is really just a crap shoot
  • Volatility and fear…It’s everywhere you want to be for growing wealth
  • Devote one-tenth of your time to doing this and skyrocket your money at fiber-optic speed
  • Scouting, haggling, managing…Oh my! Why this wealth building vehicle may turn you off
  • Start the process of building your wealth by answering this one simple question
  • A big clue that you’re “onto” a company with a competitive advantage
  • Why “what you find good in the world” matters to building your portfolio
  • How does Joe really feel about kale?
  • Where is this amusement park of food again? And, do they have roller coasters?
  • What  the “C” in CEO should really mean and why it matters
  • Phil’s take on who should come first in the employment line
  • Mercenary or martyr…Harvard U, are you listening?
  • TGFG, and why it should be your new mantra before investing with any company
  • Follow this style of investing and you can take your cues from Discovery Channel wildlife documentaries
  • Do this, against “modern portfolio theory” advice and win
  • What Matt really wants to “not know”
  • “This is stupid and I don’t want to do it,” translates to this one thing
  • The simplest way  to make the world your “oyster”
  • How investing can contribute to your spiritual enlightenment
  • Panama Red, Mexico Green…Maybe being a Grand Canyon tour guide did come with a little bonus education

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