Steven Kotler – How To Create And Leverage Flow States

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We are stoked to have Steven Kotler on today’s show as this is one of those episodes we are super curious as to what he’s doing and wanted to dive into the massive body of work he’s done. Most of Steven’s work deals with flow and peak performance as well as converging technologies and futurism. He also does a lot of work with Peter Diamandis and has a new book co-authored with Peter, called The Future Is Faster Than You Think. This book is part of their trilogy of books and will show how you can combine these exponential technologies and systems and stack them. He also dives into why flying cars, blockchain, and other cool things like that are changing at a super rapid pace. We even talk about how this all relates to COVID as well as some actual benefits of the current situation we find ourselves in.  

This is a fly on the wall conversation talking about futurism, how to get into flow, whether you can get into flow synthetically, and how to change our brain’s default from thinking negatively.  We also discuss your primary and secondary activities, which one you should focus on for fun and for work, plus Steven even told us which country is leading the charge in drone technology (and it’s not from where you think). We know you are going to love this show as much as we did, and when you are done be sure to check out our episodes with Craig Ballantyne and Dave Asprey for more discussion on living a high performing life.

When you are talking about peak performance, there’s no such thing as a hack. There’s only one thing – there’s getting your biology to work for you rather than against you.” – Steven Kotler 

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Which country now leads the world in drone technology?
  • What’s cool with COVID
  • The hippie speedball recipe for a quick boost
  • Your primary and secondary activities and which you should use for work
  • Ways to tell if you are in flow
  • What the future holds for the middle class
  • The faster way that we know of, to calm yourself down
  • Everything you ever wanted to learn about rocket science in just one sentence
  • And much, much more!

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