Rob Kosberg – How To Publish And Market A Book Into Millions In Sales

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We’re back chatting with Rob Kosberg from Best Seller Publishing, another awesome friend who we connected with during our recent attendance at Rich Schefren’s event in Florida. Rob discusses his upbringing in an entrepreneurial family (which also included racing cars), how he survived through the real estate crash, and how advice from Dan Kennedy led him to publishing his first book way back in 2008 which led to major success as well as what Rob refers to as his “$1,000,000 mistake”. 

We also chat about the right and wrong ways to self publish, what to include in your landing page, which types of content work well, how to get yourself on television, radio and yes – even podcasts! There’s plenty of wisdom in this show, and by the end, your wheels will be turning as you think about becoming an author yourself. After you have listened and realized the opportunity behind publishing, check out our chats with Chandler Bolt and Tucker Max for even more insight and vision into the world of self-publishing. 

You want the media, not just for the leads, you want the media for a way to warm up leads in the future.” – Rob Kosberg

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get more qualified buyers in the door
  • Who to go to for product fulfillment
  • Why you do not want to work with a big publishing firm
  • Examples of funnels for your book
  • The best performing lead pages
  • How to get hot leads literally – by actually lighting your book on fire?!
  • How Rob is able to use ghostwriters to mimic the voice of the author
  • Why you need to get on the radio and tv and the best way to get there
  • And much, much more!

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