A 3 Step Process To Envision And Write Your First Book – Chandler Bolt

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In this episode of the podcast, we talk to Chandler about his 3 step process to help envision and write your first book in as little as 90 days

Chandler is the creator of the Self Publishing School and author of Book Launch: How to write, market, and self-publish your first bestseller in 3 months or less AND use it to start & grow a six figure business.

Chandler was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at an early age when he saw that he could make a lot more money working for himself. While his friends were off searching for jobs, he was out starting businesses.

Chandler is here to help you achieve one of the most common goals people have, writing their own book. He not only helps people create bestseller books, he also shares some amazing tips that will help you write your book.

“Somebody Can only Slap you in the Face so many times before you turn around and look” – Chandler Bolt

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The power of books to completely change the course of someone’s life
  • How to get a book mapped out, out of your head & out to the masses
  • How to go from no book to selling your book in 90 days
  • The first step to take in writing your book
  • Why creating a mind map is important
  • Why nothing matters until you have written your mind map
  • The 2 rules of self publishing school
  • The story of Eileen Wilder
  • The secret method to speed up writing your book
  • The biggest mistake people make with this method
  • Why marketing starts before you publish your book
  • The importance of a launch team
  • Self Publishing vs a Publishing House

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