Nic Peterson – The Base Case & Chill Method For Passive Crypto Income

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Back because of popular demand, we have Nic Peterson with us for a round two. He’s the creator of the Wolf Den. He’s also the author of Bumpers and just released the recordings of his wildly impactful Nicsmas 2021.

Nic’s a wealth of knowledge and puts things into uncommon perspectives that help you get what you want quicker.

If you haven’t listened to our previous episode with Nic Peterson, we’d recommend you to start with that episode. It lays more of the foundation and thinking that Nic brings to things.

This episode starts with a chat around what “base case” is and how it’s the most important target you should have with your crypto investments (and any revenue generating activity). It gives you a target and you create a “solvable problem”. Simplifies your decisions.

We then get into how Nic got into crypto and learned to write his own contract on the blockchain. Then launched a very successful DEX, decentralized exchange, called Knight Swap. He’s been quickly launching more projects, NFT projects, and advising other crypto projects. You’ll learn a ton hearing how it all works.

We later chat about how “most people prefer the certainty of misery to the misery of uncertainty.” This little thought bomb had us go into discussions about how your actions matter a ton and how you can put time and randomness on your side.

This is an episode that moves quickly, goes deep on concepts in crypto and DeFi that some might not fully understand, but try to follow along. There’s lots to learn in this changing world of crypto.

And if you didn’t come for the crypto talk and want to get some new ways to think about common thought patterns and actions. If you want to get to your target goals quicker, this one’s for you.

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why people don’t worry about the price of Nic’s tokens
  • How to stop checking your crypto prices so often
  • Are you value investor or a day trader?
  • What does it mean to “Base Case and Chill”
  • Why everyone fails in crypto
  • What’s the future for Knight Swap
  • The importance of TVL when operating in crypto
  • The difference between information and innovation
  • The extreme value of the Dicksicle NFT

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