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We’re back again with our Therapy Session-ish chat – or soon to be called some other new awesome name. We record them roughly the week before the show goes live, so the content we bring you is as fresh as the memory of the last dollar you made online. Lately we’ve been talking about dialing in all the stuff in our business and how we are aligning our actions with where we are headed in the next 10 years and beyond. We know that we all have things that we do routinely, such as checking emails and touching base with people, and when you have a good system behind it, it’ll make your day go so much smoother. 

You’ll especially enjoy listening to Matt’s background with designing systems and how his brain works when it comes to fine-tuning the most simple of tasks with the use of some very simple tools. He talks about his three-step process and how he’s able to get to the coveted inbox zero on a daily basis. After you’ve got your mind spinning, be sure to listen to our chats with Paul Minors and David Jenyns who give us even more strategies and tactics to build systems in your life and business, so you can have more time, be more productive, and scale your business.

I do the stuff I least look forward to first so that all that’s left for the day is the stuff I do look forward to doing..” – Matt Wolfe

There’s the momentum of task completion too. You start with the easiest task first, and you build from that point on.” – Joe Fier

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Bringing the fun energy pre-show a la The Foo Fighters
  • How to constantly be optimizing even the smallest of tasks to make everything more efficient
  • Matt breaks down his 3 step system for handling email communication
  • The tools we use to make our lives easier so we have time for more fun
  • How to get to inbox zero every day
  • Reframing all your work and tasks to be able to look forward to the fun part of your business
  • How to get your systems dialed in, even if you really stink at it
  • Our plans for the future direction of the show
  • Lessons learned about how to change your identity for the better

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