Lisa Buyer – How To Use Social Media For Branding And PR

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Today we are talking with Lisa Buyer and how she uses public relations and social media to get more PR. Lisa is a fellow podcaster, has a PR agency, and is also an author. You can get a free digital version of her book, PR Secrets, which is a great PR manual packed with content. Listen in as you’ll hear how Lisa discusses how to use social media platforms to get press, and how to use your content to get in front of the right media people and groups. You’ll hear all about Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, even Tik Tok and how to leverage them to get more media representation for your brand.

We chat about some of the things she talks about in her book. She covers a host of topics such as newsjacking, chatbots, futurists, SEO, visual reporting, podcasting, and what’s new in putting together a press release. This is similar to the way we are approaching our business, in outreach with other publications that can help spread our message, but also as helping them in turn. There’s a lot of content that we all create without thinking about, where someone will share that, feature a quote or perhaps a podcast you’ve been on. These are all opportunities for you to build up this library and Lisa will explore how to take advantage of that in a clever way. After you’ve listened be sure to check out our shows with Molly Mahoney and Dennis Yu for even more tips on how to get the most out of your social media strategy.

It’s actually a great time to do ads because ads are less expensive. So combining the superpowers of public relations, SEO, and social, if you can optimize each part of that you’re going to get the most reach and visibility,  and all eyeballs are on digital right now.” – Lisa Buyer

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to approach influencers on social media and why a big following isn’t always necessary
  • Why you should include a media page on your site and how to make it easy for journalists to research everything they need to know about you
  • Which social media platforms have the most traction
  • A way to repurpose an article or blog post that is so simple, yet effective, you will wonder why you’ve never used it before
  • Using Messenger as a way to communicate with journalists who visit your site
  • The difference between marketing on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • A clever way to use Tik Tok to your advantage, without having to make a crazy video
  • Lisa’s big a-ha moment that she got from attending our mastermind at Podfest
  • The #1 outreach strategy, which is easy to implement but often overlooked
  • Imposter syndrome and more breakthroughs to get through that and forge ahead
  • And much, much more!

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