Julie Adams – How To Build And Rank A Portfolio Of Affiliate Sites

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Today’s episode with Julie Adams is a real mind bender. We love that Julie has a thriving affiliate business, while also keeping it simple. We talk about her goals of retiring early and she dissects her entire business model. Julie’s business model is so tactical that you’ll be able to take her way of thinking and apply even parts of it to your own business. She’s been able to build her business focusing on showing up on Google without worrying about Facebook ads or even email lists until recently. She keeps it lean, mean and profitable.

Julie has a small portfolio of these sites which are doing great, and it’s really smart how diversified she is. She discusses how she manages the content, the three most important things to have dialed in on your site, what type of time frame you should look at, how she gets her sites ranks, what to do to get backlinks, as well as how to approach affiliate offers and how to get a higher commission right off the bat. Once you’re done listening, be sure to check out our chats we mentioned with Nate Broughton and Matt Diggity.

Google is able to understand language at this point, so if you answer the question in a sentence format, they are able to better understand.” – Julie Adams

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Julie’s relatively small portfolio of affiliate sites that will bring her enough money to retire in style
  • Whether you should buy a older domain or a new fresh one to start off
  • The three most important things that no one should overlook
  • When you can expect to get out of the sandbox
  • How to increase your commission potential right off the bat
  • Why being a little less introverted will go a long way
  • The no brainer way to get backlinks that are quality
  • Julie’s rule of thumb when hiring content writers
  • Keyword research tactics and which sites to compare

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