Joel Erway – Mini-Webinars And Power Offers

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We have a great show today with Joel Erway of The Webinar Agency. We’re big fans of Joel’s selling process and the fact that he simplified the selling process dramatically and put all the obvious pieces out there. His power offer is so simple where he is basically making a no-brainer offer saying he can build this for you, you can have it within 24 hours and it’s guaranteed to make you more money than you spend on it. He also discusses his application process to pre-qualify a lead. You don’t always want to put the price on the application and set any expectations, because once you get someone on the phone, you might be able to offer them even more.

You can use this process with affiliate offers and even a hybrid model, using it with potential rev share deals. With Joel’s method, you are getting the hottest prospects and are ready to solve their problems. It’s a way to extend that relationship, so it can be a great way to bring your best buyers to you. We also talk about having the MQL and SQL when building your offer, and how identifying folks ahead of time is super powerful. When you are done be sure to listen to our conversations with Jason Fladlien, a webinar and handling sales objections master, and Sam Bell, who discusses high converting webinar audiences and value-based strategies. 

What we are doing is going after the solution aware market.” – Joel Erway

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • A big turning point in how Joel structured his offer
  • How the power offer came to fruition and the amazing results that occurred
  • A 90% reduction in cost per acquisition by flipping the offer around
  • The steps that will define your own power offer
  • The #1 mistake when creating a power offer and mini webinar
  • Why you don’t always want to include the price in your application process
  • The difference between MQL’s and SQL’s and which you should focus on
  • How to get a complete mini-webinar done for you in ten days ready to launch
  • Low ticket offers vs. high ticket offers and which to use when
  • Examples of big wins when working with clients
  • Getting as specific as possible to appeal to those who value time currency

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