Sam Bell – How To Drive More Sales Using Facebook And Webinars

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Today we are talking to Sam Bell who runs Sam Bell Marketing and PPC Boutique. We have such an awesome conversation because he is a total ninja at ads and webinars. Listen in as Sam breaks down the steps to create a webinar that will perform for you, as well as the Facebook ad strategy where he is using that platform to promote these webinars and convert people. Whether you have never run a webinar before or if you have a bunch under your belt, there’s sure to be some takeaways from today’s show. 

You’ll hear Sam break down his tool stack, how he allows Facebook’s AI to make the proper choices in regards to targeting, his method of ad creation and so many other great tactics, and even if you don’t use the webinar portion of it, there are so many golden nuggets in the ad section of this episode as well. When you’re done, get more advice about sharing and monetizing your knowledge with webinars from our conversations with Mike Filsaime and Joel Erway.

When it comes to traffic, and specifically when you are buying and spending to convert high ticket…100% the focus should always be the offer because ultimately it doesn’t matter what your traffic source is – if you have a good offer and the offer converts, you can make traffic work.” – Sam Bell

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How much you should expect to spend to get at least 200 attendees on your webinar
  • How long to run ads for if you are holding a live webinar
  • The most important thing to focus on when you start out
  • The beauty of the descension model and how you will be able to break even faster
  • Why you want to create a value-based audience when advertising for a higher quality audience
  • Creating a good psychographic in order to run better ads and get a more dialed-in audience that will convert
  • How to position yourself so that your attendees will grasp the new information presented, even if it’s new techie stuff
  • Webinar strategies and planning if you are just starting out
  • Tips for exactly how long your webinar should be

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