James Schramko – Beyond Affiliate Marketing – Getting a Percentage of All Sales

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Today we have a special show where we are holding a simulcast with James Schramko. We have learned so much from James over the years and we also have a similar business model. He’s also got some deep relationships with his community and our affiliate business model is similar in that we prefer to build long term relationships when promoting affiliate offers.  

We reminisce about the first marketing events we all attended, even while still working at a job. James also tells us what is working best with his partnerships, revenue share deals, and some simple tips that lead to great customer satisfaction and retention over the years. He’s also got some great stories of both successes and failures that you can learn from. When you have finished, be sure to check out our previous conversations with James and Stephen Esketzis that we mentioned on the show.

I think that’s one of the secrets. The longer you can wait to monetize something, the more powerful it can be when you do.” – James Schramko

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How affiliate marketing and partnerships are related 
  • What would happen if you become an affiliate of someone’s product line
  • The networking event you do not want to miss
  • James’ secret to selling cars and the story of how his manifesto got stolen
  • How to use psychology in your selling effectively
  • How to effectively get around the “I need to think about it” response to turn people into buyers
  • Dealing with others who want your recipe for success
  • Non-scalable tasks that still lead to long term affiliate income
  • How to make the most out of revenue share deals
  • Getting big results from a little effort

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