The Art of Inclusive Marketing: Make Your Customers Feel Seen with Sonia Thompson

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In this episode, Joe Fier engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Sonia Thompson, a marketing expert specializing in inclusive marketing and customer experiences. Sonia shares insights from her surveys so that businesses can better understand and cater to diverse customer needs. She emphasizes the need for businesses to be intentional about serving specific identities and provides valuable advice on inclusive marketing strategies. With her extensive background in marketing and inclusive practices, Sonia shares valuable insights that can help businesses create a sense of belonging and improve customer experiences.

The Importance of Inclusive Marketing

Sonia emphasizes the need for businesses to be intentional about serving specific identities and provides examples of companies that have successfully expanded their customer base through inclusive marketing efforts.

Advancements in Inclusive Technology

The conversation delves into the advancements in AI technology, making inclusivity easier and cheaper for businesses, highlighting the impact of small details on customer experience and the need to consider diverse identities in marketing efforts.

Strategies for Building Inclusive Brands

Sonia discusses the concept of inclusive marketing assessments as a way to identify and address customer experience friction for underrepresented and underserved communities, offering a quiz and newsletter for further guidance.

Internal Mindset Shift for Inclusive Marketing

Thompson highlights the internal mindset shift required for businesses to consistently deliver inclusive marketing, aiming to build an inclusive brand rather than creating inclusive marketing campaigns.

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