How To Profit From Your Passions with Matt McWilliams

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Are you in a business that you feel could be better if you tapped into your strengths?

Are you struggling to identify what your superpowers are and how to monetize them?

You might be just starting out in business or a long-term veteran. Either way, this is why we made this episode…

I’m bringing back Matt McWilliams (aka The Affiliate Guy) who just released a best seller book called Turn Your Passions Into Profits.

McWilliams delves into the process of turning your passions, ideas, unique story, and message into a profitable business through lively and informative discussions.

On this episode, he breaks down many topics that we face when starting a new venture or creating something new in a business you already have.

Here are some of the topics we cover in this episode:

  • Why you should monetize your business from day one
  • How affiliate marketing can kickstart your business
  • How to not burnout when your starting or scaling your business
  • Bust through your fears so you create and sell more
  • Why your family and friends are holding you back in business
  • How to snowball small success into something massive
  • How to know which of your superpowers can become a profitable business
  • Why it’s never too late to start a business around your passions
  • Why leadership is different than everyone thinks it is – we’re all qualified right now
  • The downsides of following your passions in business
  • How to decipher which of your passions are best to make into a business
  • How to produce an unlimited amount of content around your passion

This book is actionable and valuable if you are brand new to business or someone with years of experience.

There’s a reason why this book is blowing up from the day it got released.

Get your own copy at — And get bunch of bonuses that you can’t get elsewhere.

And check out Matt’s podcast called The Affiliate Guy. You can start with the episode he did with Joe Fier!

Bonus: Listen to the previous episode we did with Matt McWilliams called “How Anyone Can Recruit An Army of Affiliates”.

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