How to Find Your Flow

One of the toughest thing a lot of us struggle with is getting into a flow state. It’s that feeling when you’re feeling super creative, super efficient, mind mapping like a crazy person, or just feeling amazing.

I’m sure there are some lucky ones that pop out of bed and are immediately in that flow state. I wish, man! That’s not normally me.

Unfortunately, a lot of us will ignore this wonderful state of being and just get on with work as “usual”. We’ll dig straight into the pile of emails, have meeting after meeting and feel like we’re getting good stuff done.

The issue is that we’re not being truly effective with our time. We might be efficient, but in the grand scheme, what are we accomplishing?

When we get into that flow state, the good ideas come out – the visionary ones. The crazy ideas that get you out of your email inbox and off the phone. They are the ideas that push the limits of reality and move to the unknown. That’s the fun stuff.

There’s no one way to get into the flow state, as it’s very elusive. It comes easier for some than others.

Find Your Flow:

Here are a handful of ways that I attempt to get into that state:

  1. Music: Create my own, listen to some of my favorite songs first thing in the morning.
  2. Exercise/stretching: I personally do CrossFit and RomWod.
  3. Watch inspirational speeches/talks: Here’s a good one.
  4. Meditate: A few good apps are Headspace and
  5. Write (daily is best): This blog is a perfect example. My upcoming book is another.

I recently got back into the music making. I used to be in a band and create a lot of songs on the guitar, but that slipped by as I got “busy”.

Here’s a hack at making some beats/chill music after spending 2.5 hours learning and experimenting with Logic X. More to come!

Additional Resources:

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