How To Find And Focus Solely On The Things That Suit You Best – Brad Spencer

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Brad Spencer is a digital entrepreneur and owner of 8020 Product Creation where he teaches entrepreneurs how to create products online to create consistent cash flow. He is a passionate believer in the 80/20 rule that 20% of your efforts will provide 80% of your results.

Brad and Dean Soto are partners in running The Online Empire Academy that provides business tools, videos and courses to build your online business.

On today’s episode, Brad will share how his reboot system made a tremendous change in his lifestyle and how the DISC assessment works effectively in dealing with other people and in your business.

“In business, when you get someone else’s vibe and it’s kinda like music; if everybody slams and stuff on different instruments, it’s noise. But then as soon as people harmonize, it’s like you have a band. And that’s how I think about the DISC just like business communication version of harmonized band.”– Brad Spencer

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The inspiration for the reboot system he followed (Perry Marshall‘s)
  • His biggest realization and the result he got from the reboot in his business
  • The 4 c’s of Brad
  • The win-win situation
  • Turning 1-2 ideas per week into a paradigm shift to make progress everyday
  • A simple way to avoid trash hours
  • The slow and steady way that compounds everyday
  • Having a focused mindset leading to better communication which leads to better solutions
  • What can we get out of DISC assessment
  • Brad’s strategy in solving problems and his realization after taking DISC
  • Comparison of Matt & Joe’s DISC assessment results
  • Life’s easier when dealing with people within the DISC framework
  • Creating a BAND rather than a NOISE in business
  • The better you give advice for the others, the more you need it yourself
  • The people we can turn to when life and business turns sour
  • How to choosing between the easy way vs the hard way to achieve the same outcome
  • People don’t change, we evolve over time and become more effective
  • Borrowing another frame of mind and still be yourself

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