How To Sell A Ton On Amazon Without Having Your Own Products – Dean Soto

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Today’s guest Dean Soto is the founder of Online Academy Empire, the place to learn more about how you can earn with drop shipping from Amazon. Upon coming home after his deployment to Kuwait, Dean decided he wanted to do something independent to start making money on his own. After trying different things, Dean ended up launching an online business as a result of his experience with Amazon – and as suggested by his friend and business partner Brad Spencer, who happens to be one of our previous podcast guests.

In today’s episode, Dean shares the story that led to his current business which allows him to sell and profit significantly even though he does not have his own products. Dean talks about the things he learned about drop shipping, marketing, and making money on Amazon. Living in the country with six children, he also shares how working online, outsourcing, and automation help him be efficient in his business as he allocates more time to and prioritizes his family.

“It’s all a numbers game with drop shipping.” – Dean Soto

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Defining FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and Amazon sponsored products
  • What led him to research Amazon’s drop shipping policy
  • Pricing the products for profit margin
  • Easy methods to find suppliers
  • Remarketing benefits from Amazon
  • How outsourcing in the Philippines helps Dean in his business
  • The process of money transfer when you buy a product
  • The process of ordering products from suppliers and shipping them to customers

Step-By-Step Guide For Potential Sellers And Dropshippers:

  1. Go to Amazon Services.
  2. Set up an account.
  3. Make sure you do the FBA.
  4. Prepare your bank account and store name.
  5. Start listing.

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