How to Create Impact at Scale: Using Webinars & Podcasts to Build Authentic Connections with Casey Zeman

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In this episode of the Hustle and Flowchart podcast, host Joe Fier interviews Casey Zeman, the Founder and CEO of Easy Webinar.

Casey shares his personal journey, including adopting two boys from Haiti and going through a health scare and heart surgery. The discussion revolves around the evolution of webinars, the challenges faced, and the strategies employed to build Easy Webinar into a powerful event marketing tool.

Separating Personal Brand and Easy Webinar

Casey discusses his journey of separating his personal brand and his company, Easy Webinar, in 2018. The goal was to make Easy Webinar a sellable entity and focus on its growth and scalability.

Growing the Easy Webinar Team and Adoption Process

Casey shares how he relied heavily on his team while going through the adoption process of his two sons from Haiti. Despite challenges, his business suffered at the time but has since grown significantly.

Using Automated Webinars and Nurturing Business During Adoption

Casey explains how he utilized automated webinars to continue running his business while being involved in the adoption process. He highlights the importance of maintaining a balance between family and business.

Enhancing Easy Webinar with Easy Webinar Next

Casey introduces “Easy Webinar Next” as the next level of event marketing. He emphasizes that Easy Webinar is not just a webinar platform, but also a sales and marketing tool that provides insights and information to improve conversions.

Webinar Recommendations and Training

Casey shares his recommendations on how to do webinars and create training within a webinar format using automation. He emphasizes that workshops and building connections with people still lead to sales.

Components of Easy Webinar Next

Casey discusses the addition of components like analytics and a page builder to Easy Webinar Next. The page builder resembles tools like ClickFunnels and allows users to customize and create complete webinar funnels in their own brand.

Migration Challenges and Enhancing Customer Experience

The speaker reflects on the challenges faced during the migration of their billing system to a different platform. They discuss the issues encountered and their plans to keep the legacy billing system separate from the new system in the future.

Building an Email List and Pre-Selling Courses

Casey suggests launching a course by first pre-selling it and running it live through a webinar platform that records all the content. He explains the process of building an email list, pre-selling leads, and running the course live for a few weeks.

Balancing Automation and Engagement with Easy Webinar

Casey emphasizes the importance of balancing automation with engagement. He shares how Easy Webinar helps achieve this by utilizing its features to create authentic connections with customers.

Overcoming a Health Scare and Creating a New Podcast

The speaker shares their personal health scare and subsequent heart surgery. This experience led them to create a new podcast called “Impact Warrior” where they share stories of overcoming barriers and difficult moments in life.

The Power of Human Connection and Authentic Marketing

Throughout the episode, the speakers highlight the importance of human connection and a more authentic marketing approach. They believe that webinars, when done correctly, provide a scalable way to engage with customers while maintaining a personal touch.


In conclusion, the podcast episode with Casey Zeman delves into the journey of building Easy Webinar into a powerful event marketing tool. Listeners gain insights into the evolution of webinars, the challenges faced, and strategies employed to create authentic connections with customers. Joe and Casey emphasize the power of human connection and provide valuable recommendations for leveraging webinars in today’s marketing landscape.

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