Guy Kawasaki – How To Be An Evangelist As A Career

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Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Guy Kawasaki who is the chief evangelist of Canva and the creator of Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People podcast. You are going to love his amazing stories and his unique perspective. He is also the author of fifteen books, including The Art of the Start 2.0 and his latest book is Wiseguy. He has also worked at Apple alongside Steve Jobs. We chat about his views on Clubhouse, what makes him want to work with someone, how he’s been able to connect with amazing people, as well as why the heck he’s always smiling so much! 

We also chat about his thoughts on what makes a good podcast interview, how he researches his guests, and some sample questions he has started his show with. After you’ve listened, be sure to check out our past shows we’ve done with Esther Kiss and Dustin Matthews to give you some additional intake on podcasting and making connections.

I think the first checkmark is competence. The second checkmark is happiness, in business anyway, because I don’t want to do business with a happy, incompetent person.” – Guy Kawasaki

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Guy’s secret to starting a podcast episode off right
  • Will Clubhouse succeed or be the next social media flop?
  • Trixie, Biff & Joe Blow making money from Clubhouse?
  • How to become a brand evangelist
  • The key to life  – do you have these qualities?
  • Would you buy a car from Apple?
  • A great use case for the Remarkable tablet

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Enjoy this clip from our interview with Guy Kawasaki:


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