Living An Extremely Conscious Life: Creating The Best Version of You with Mike Prince & Trevor Turnbull

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In today’s transformative episode of Hustle and Flowchart, we delve into the depths of personal growth and extreme consciousness with our esteemed guests, Mike Prince and Trevor Turnbull. As leaders in the realm of self-improvement and community builders, both Mike and Trevor have turned their lives around by embracing a more conscious and deliberate way of living. Join us as we explore the journey of two men who have evolved from chasing external highs to finding profound fulfillment within themselves and in forging authentic relationships.

Understanding Personal Growth

Trevor Turnbull shares his reflections on his initial unawareness of growth opportunities, addressing the guilt associated with not making changes sooner, and the importance of now being grateful for his present awareness and growth.

The Power of Deliberate Action

Joe Fier and Mike Prince discuss the critical role of becoming more conscious and deliberate in life. Highlighting the significance of observing and accepting the darker parts of oneself, they elaborate on how to integrate these aspects to better show up for life’s challenges.

Navigating Loneliness in Growth

Trevor Turnbull expresses how an evolved consciousness can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness due to personal growth. He discusses the need to meet people where they are and the vital role that community plays in one’s development.

Gratitude and Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

Our guests emphasize the value of being surrounded by the right individuals who support personal development. Trevor shares his appreciation for the journey, while Mike sheds light on recognizing one’s current situation as a series of personal choices.

Habit Tracking and Self-Accountability

Joe reveals how the practice of habit tracking has significantly shaped their self-accountability and development, leading to more deliberate living.

The Impact of Presence and Breathwork

Mike’s influence on Joe with regards to the principles of presence and breathwork is discussed, illustrating how these practices have contributed to their overall growth journey.

Building a Community for Growth

Mike Prince narrates the creation of a community committed to personal growth and presence, detailing its origins, focus on men, and potential future inclusive expansion.

The Journey to Becoming Extremely Conscious

Discussion around the 57-page guide and other resources aimed at helping people become extremely conscious in various aspects of their lives, through habit tracking and self-reflection.

Radical Responsibility and Life Choices

Mike Prince expounds on the transformative experience of taking radical responsibility for one’s choices and the power of committing to change for personal growth.

Slowing Down and Connecting

A recurring theme in the episode is the necessity of slowing the pace of life to connect more deeply with family and rebuild life from a place of greater consciousness.

The Outcome of a Year of Extreme Consciousness

The potential impact of dedicating a year to becoming extremely conscious is explored, as well as redefining what this means through various life scenarios.

Final Thoughts on Personal Motivation and Self-Improvement

The episode concludes with encouragement for listeners to envision an evolved version of themselves and commit to small, progressive changes, highlighting the effectiveness of engaging in challenges for sustained personal growth.


We wrap up a profound discussion on extreme consciousness with gratitude and an invitation for our listeners to engage and participate in future discussions and challenges. Through sharing their personal stories of transformation, Joe, Mike, and Trevor impart the message that through deliberate action, self-reflection, and the cultivation of a supportive community, anyone can embark on a journey towards extreme consciousness and a more fulfilling life.

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