Eric Siu – Leveling Up – Making Business Your Favorite Game

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Our guest today is Eric Siu who we met last year at Rich Schrefen’s event. Eric has an agency, Single Grain, that works with major companies such as Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber. He also has a content intelligence software called ClickFlow which basically makes you look like a genius. He’s a partner and co-host with Neil Patel in the Marketing School podcast and has his own podcast called Leveling Up. The dude is a rockstar in marketing, SaaS, and software, and he blew us away in this episode.

To top it off, he has a book coming out called Leveling Up, which is all about how to level up in life. In his book he talks about how he’s taken his experience from gaming and poker and has been able to apply these to business and identify power-ups and moments in time where he realizes he can think differently. This allows him to wake up each day and feel like he’s playing a game in real life. Talking with Eric today, he also broke down a ton of traffic strategies, and how you can think differently on how to acquire SEO traffic in a creative way. When you have finished listening, check out our previous chats with Christopher Gimmer and Stephan Spencer for more tactics on how to go off-brand and increase traffic as well as how to succeed with 100% SEO marketing.

“I don’t think that I know too much and that I’m that good and I also don’t think I’m that bad either. That’s the way I approach it and it makes it a lot easier because it keeps me humble and even-keeled. The moment you start to think you are amazing, the moment you start to become too full of yourself – that’s when things start to fall apart.” – Eric Siu

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to approach things with a beginner’s mind
  • The power of the podcast once again and how’s it’s lead to great, free education, lifelong friendships, and networking with amazing people
  • Why you don’t want to jump the gun and insist your child stop playing all those video games
  • How being persistent led from a fledgling podcast to a successful marketing agency
  • Why Eric’s agency switched their focus and how they are succeeding current day
  • Lessons learned from the poker table
  • How to reframe things to increase your power
  • Growth principles for long term thinking
  • Alternate ways to make money from affiliate marketing without being an affiliate

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