Your Step-By-Step Facebook Ads Strategy Guide – Rick Mulready

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Rick Mulready is an expert social media marketing entrepreneur living his dream in San Diego, California. He has become one of the most experienced, leading social media marketers in the industry. His career began in the corporate world, working with companies such as Yahoo!, AOL, and Vibrant Media. Now, he focuses his business on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to embrace social media advertising – specifically Facebook ads – and use this targeted approach to help his clients grow their businesses ten-fold.

In addition to empowering small business owners with proven methods to make their Facebook ads work better and save them money, Rick also provides coaching and training courses to thousands of people around the world. Additionally, he hosts two highly popular podcasts – the Art of Paid Traffic and Inside Social Media – which further help entrepreneurs learn the ropes on social media marketing and creating compelling Facebook ad campaigns. Between his blog, podcasts, training courses and coaching techniques, thousands of new and experienced entrepreneurs and small business owners have grown their businesses beyond their wildest dreams.

Here’s just a few of the things that we discussed on this episode…

  • How Rick uses his podcast for exposure, branding, and getting customers into his training programs
  • The strategy Rick uses to funnel podcast listeners on to his email list.
  • The free tool you can use to easily find super targeted audiences for Facebook ads
  • The one thing you MUST know before ever running a Facebook Ad
  • The best order to use when targeting audiences on Facebook
  • How to use retargeting and lookalike audiences to grow your email list
  • The minimum size audience you need to create Facebook lookalike audiences
  • When to target deeper on things such as income levels
  • How to use Facebook’s new ads feature “detail targeting” to get really specific with ad targeting
  • Whether or not you should use Facebook boost post ads. (The answer might surprise you)
  • The best types of images to use in your Facebook ads
  • Why a “less produced” ad performs best on Facebook and how to do it with a tool you probably already have
  • Facebooks #1 priority and why you MUST follow it to avoid getting your Facebook Ads account banned
  • Rick shares his Facebook ad best practices if you want to keep your Facebook ads account safe
  • The ad copy technique Rick is using with amazing results. Hint: “The Coffee shop ad copy technique”
  • Why it’s essential to use terms that resonate with your audience in your ad copy (a lot of people get this wrong)
  • A rarely discussed landing page compliance issue that puts many Facebook advertisers at risk
  • Whether or not you should run ads that keep people on Facebook
  • Rick’s #1 goal with every Facebook ad he runs
  • The secret strategy Rick is using to boost podcast rankings in iTunes
  • How to get more podcast sponsor revenue with Facebook ads.

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