Discovering Fulfillment: Entrepreneurial Success & Contentment with Gregory Shepard

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Gregory Shepard, an entrepreneur who has built and sold twelve businesses, joins Joe Fier on this episode to discuss his upcoming book, Startup Science, and reframing happiness as an entrepreneur.

Gregory shares his personal experience of overcoming challenges such as autism and dyslexia, using his mind to change his thinking and behavior.

The conversation touches on Gregory’s unique experiences, including swimming with great white sharks and participating in marathons.

Listeners are encouraged to reach out to Gregory via his website and social media channels to connect and learn more about his work.

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Episode Summary:

In this episode of Hustle and Flowchart, Joe Fier sits down with Gregory Shepard, an accomplished entrepreneur who has built and sold twelve businesses. 

They discuss the upcoming release of Gregory’s book, Startup Science, and delve into topics such as reframing happiness as an entrepreneur and overcoming personal challenges. 

Gregory shares his unique experiences and provides insights into how he has used his mind to change his thinking and behavior. 

Listeners are encouraged to connect with Gregory and learn from his wealth of knowledge and experiences.

Table of Contents:

– Reframing Happiness as an Entrepreneur

– Overcoming Personal Challenges and Changing Behavior

– Unique Experiences: Swimming with Great White Sharks and Participating in Marathons

– Connect with Gregory Shepard

– Connect with Joe Fier

– Conclusion

Reframing Happiness as an Entrepreneur:

Gregory and Joe dive into the concept of reframing happiness and how it applies to entrepreneurs. They discuss the difference between happiness and contentment, emphasizing the importance of finding satisfaction and balance in one’s life. Gregory shares his perspective on stress and how controlling one’s mind can lead to controlling emotions and experiencing a better overall state.

Overcoming Personal Challenges and Changing Behavior:

Gregory opens up about his personal challenges, including having autism and dyslexia. He shares how he used his mind to change his thinking and behavior, highlighting the concept of neuroplasticity. The discussion focuses on the importance of avoiding dwelling on fears and stressors, and instead, creating new neural pathways to shift focus and maintain control over the mind.

Unique Experiences: 

Swimming with Great White Sharks and Participating in Marathons:

Gregory shares some of his remarkable experiences, such as swimming with great white sharks and participating in marathons. He discusses the mindset and determination required to overcome fears and achieve extraordinary goals. Joe and Gregory explore the connection between facing challenges and personal growth, emphasizing the importance of embracing struggle and self-awareness.

Connect with Gregory Shepard:

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– LinkedIn – 

Connect with Joe Fier:

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Join Joe Fier and guest Gregory Shepard as they explore the concepts of reframing happiness, overcoming personal challenges, and achieving remarkable goals.

Gregory’s unique experiences and insights provide valuable lessons for entrepreneurs looking to create success and fulfillment in their lives. Don’t miss this inspiring episode of Hustle and Flowchart!

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