Dennis Yu & Tanner Laycock – Mapping Out Your Topic Wheel

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Woo-hoo, it’s our 200th episode!  And for this show, we brought back one of our most popular guests to date, Dennis Yu of BlitzMetrics who joins us with a co-guest Tanner Laycock. We cover a lot of ground on this one, going deeper with some of the things we asked in the first round, such as the content wheel and the dollar a day ads. We also discuss how they systemize their business so they can hand them off and fulfill any role in the business. 

Dennis and his company have done an amazing job of building checklists out of everything in their business. Plus, you’ll hear how they are able to capture a huge audience for their brand, without selling up front. And you’ll be ready to pack your suitcase after hearing them both give up their favorite travel hacks.

After you’re done, be sure to give another listen to our first show with Dennis as you’ll see why it was so popular, as well as our episodes with John Corcoran and David Gonzalez for more insight on making those all important connections with top performers and influential people.

Something that does well on Facebook can show authority on the web. It can also be your pinned tweet, be recycled into YouTube, turned into an article, can be put into an email roundup summary of the top twelve things from last month. Take something that works, and copy it to the other channels.” – Dennis Yu

“If you can take the subjects that you want to be known for which relates to your topic and create videos with people of authority in that topic, and you boost it to the people that already like that topic, instantly you are going to take a piece of their pie.” – Tanner Laycock

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get more power out of your existing content
  • How to cross post
  • How Dennis and Tanner got into the highly secured CNN building when even one of their top correspondents had a hard time
  • Why working along smarter people is a great business strategy
  • How Dennis has one of our most downloaded episodes of all time
  • What the Topic Wheel is and how to set one up for your business
  • How to get word of mouth so that your greatest hits can work against Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, etc.
  • The proper way to position yourself without selling anything up front
  • Some amazing travel hacks that will save you time and money
  • And much, much more!

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  • Our episode with John Corcoran
  • Our episode with David Gonzalez

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