Chris Benetti – Reinventing The Membership Site

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Chris Benetti is one of the very first fanboys of our show and has implemented some of our training in a massive way. Today we are going to talk about memberships, some creative ways to increase retention on memberships, and why everyone should have a membership. One of the main reasons we are discussing this topic is that we have recently partnered up with Chris on his platform, Members Pro, so in addition to chatting about all the awesome ways to leverage a membership, we also discuss all the cool stuff that Chris is working on with the platform software that he is developing. 

You are going to love hearing about all the features that are planned and why you should definitely consider using a membership platform to better serve your audience. When you’re done, check out our conversations with Joy Houston and Todd Brown for even more insight on how to make your product appeal to customers and give them the best possible experience along their customer journey.

One of the best things that you can do is connect yourself or align yourself with people who are at higher levels because it’s easier to borrow authority than create authority.” – Chris Benetti

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Some outside of the box ways to use membership platforms
  • Why Members Pro is on track to be the best in its class with 12 months, hands down
  • A better way to deliver bonuses to your customers
  • How to get your content migrated over, easy-peasy
  • How Chris got his start and basically fulfilled a need in the marketing space
  • Why Members Pro is set to be the Netflix of marketing membership platforms
  • How to gamify your customer’s journey to make it more fun and engaging
  • The beauty of a vault-style platform for podcasters, YouTubers, and others
  • How to keep your customers so happy they will never ask for a refund
  • And much, much more!

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Resources From Chris Benetti:

  • and use the coupon “Hustle” on the order form, you can do the trial and you’ll get an additional bonus

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Enjoy the video version of our interview with Chris:


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