Charles Byrd – Using Systems To Build And Maintain Strong Relationships

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We have Charles Byrd on the show today who was introduced to us as the “best connector” out there. He’s creating the most profitable JV partnerships with his systematic way of connecting others. What’s really cool about this is we are all surrounded by opportunities, and many are not always super obvious. That’s the power of having a system, and in this case, you can set that up in your life by connecting with people who have systemic follow-ups which can turn into a potential revenue source, affiliate partners, or just for connecting sake.

Charles is going to dive into all the systems he lives by, some awesome hacks in regards to following up with your contacts and JV partners, the shifts to a never-ending flow of clients, and how to not only be great at relationships but guide them to a positive conclusion for everyone. When you’re done, check out our previous episode with Michael Gerber for more insight into how having the proper systems in place can skyrocket your business and our show with Andy Hussong on how to land those JV deals.

It’s simply paying attention to who people are, what their magic gift to the world is, what are they into, where do they live and that gives you all these little entry points to provide value to them.” – Charles Byrd

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get a network going if you do not already have that community
  • The Invisible Pitch
  • What to say in a message to a potential connection without sounding spammy
  • How Charles is able to close a JV deal in 20 minutes
  • How to approach networking without having a podcast so people feel comfortable
  • How to avoid the reciprocation trap
  • How Charles made a huge connection at Burning Man
  • The Power of the Ping!

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Enjoy this clip from our interview with Charles Byrd:


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