How To Build Your List Through Contests And Giveaways – Travis Ketchum

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Travis Ketchum is the Founder & CEO of Contest Domination – helping 10’s of thousands of businesses build bigger email lists filled with qualified leads since 2012.

For a grand total of $7,500 ($4,000 of which was on a credit card)… founder Travis Ketchum set out to solve his biggest challenge in growing an online business from scratch – something every small business needs to survive. His solution was to run a contest, but all available solutions at the time gave points to contestants for the act of sharing instead of giving an incentive for the actual opt-in.

Contests instantly helped Travis add thousands of people to his email list, and the product launched to thousands of new customers within just a few months of entering the market.

And suddenly, Contest Domination changed the way people think about viral lead generating campaigns.

On today’s episode, Travis will talk us through how to fast-track your business growth and let your audience share your amazing product to the rest of the world. He’ll end the show by giving you an “AHA!” moment in relation to using contests and giveaways to make a drastic change in building up your leads.

Typically, a small percentage sends you the most referrals, but if you can convince 80% of your list who enter themselves to send one more friend, you’ll probably triple your leads. And if you make it attractive to those kinds of people and convince them so send you one more lead, you can have drastically different outcomes.” – Travis Ketchum

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How he came up with Contest Domination and how it works
  • The problem with some businesses running a contest
  • The ONE thing you need to FOCUS on from a conversion stand point
  • Some key points to break in to using contest
  • Picking a relevant prize for your audience/prospects
  • How to use referrals to triple your leads
  • The secret sequence that provides a 98% Click Through Rate
  • The “Perfect” Contest
  • How to leverage contests in your Podcast show to get more listeners
  • What is a sponsored contest and how does it works
  • What is engagement bait
  • The rules in posting ads
  • How does compound conversion rates work
  • Behind the scenes of Contest Domination
  • How they give rewards and how to gain points
  • The 3 primary trainings they run
  • Travis’ challenge to business owners
  • Something to look forward to – The Marketing Automation App

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