Bruce Clay – The Father of SEO Shares How To Future-Proof Your Rankings

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Bruce Clay of brings the heat on our show today. The way he described how there’s a different algorithm for different keywords and different keywords you have to treat in different ways on the internet, really simplifies the SEO game. You don’t have to make up rules and do all this trick stuff. Even when you use tools, all of our “competition” is getting the same data, you just need to be less bad at it than everyone else. 

You’ll have an advantage if you have this information, and one of the things that was fascinating is this is the first we have heard about this update in May which you’ll hear about on the show. You’ll learn about a plug-in, which will get your site speed to run quickly so you don’t lose visitors, and he’s been so entrenched in this world, you can tell he’s clearly the father of SEO. Once you’ve got your SEO wheels spinning, be sure to check out our chats with Gert Mellak and Nikhil Aitharaju & Ryo Chiba to go down the rabbit hole of ranking even more.

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“Along comes this thing called a search engine which is entirely software and algorithm and if you win, you make money. It’s almost like a slot machine that you can program yourself.” – Bruce Clay

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What was it like selling SEO services back in 1996
  • What does Google’s algorithm have to do with camping, brain surgery, and Rubik’s cubes?
  • Is the keyword informational or transactional and why you should know
  • How Featured Snippets and Answer Boxes have changed the world of rankings
  • What’s Google up to in May and how to be prepared so you do not lose rankings
  • Javascript secrets to get your site to load faster
  • Geek out with us when we discuss core web vitals, largest contentful paint and cumulative layout shift

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