Brian Kurtz – Using The Pandemic To Eliminate What You Don’t Want

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Brian Kurtz joins us for round two today, and we really love how open he is and how he dives into wisdom from his book, Overdeliver. We talked about the shifts and pivots people had to make over the last year from going to live events to online conversations. Plus, we chat about the things we’ve had to shave off from our own lives and what we can stop doing, which is something that’s not talked about as much. It’s that non-negotiable part of our lives that we have individually and collectively been saying no to lately.

We discussed non-negotiables with Brian and found that if it’s not fun, which is the main theme of our show lately, we don’t have to do it. We have stopped glorifying the money part of the business but instead try to glorify our lifestyles. You’ll also hear Brian’s thoughts on what he’s learned from the marketing greats such as Perry Marshall, Jay Abraham, and Dan Kennedy, and even Picasso,  and how Brian uses what he’s learned from direct marketing over the years as well as how he is getting amazing open rates with his emails. After you have listened, you’ll want to check out our chats with Mike Long and Marx Acosta-Rubio for more info about how to make the best use of your time while using this current economy to your advantage.

If you have content, not everybody is going to see the content all of the time. Even if you repeat stuff a year later, it’s new for a big chunk of the audience.” – Brian Kurtz

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Lessons learned from direct marketing 101
  • Applying rules from geniuses like Picasso to apply to the future
  • Pre-pandemic planning which led to success
  • What to keep and what to throw away in your business
  • What does cutting up a salami have to do with content marketing?
  • The 4 C’s concept when trying new projects
  • What’s ahead for the future of live events
  • One easy tip to get a 45% open rate with your emails
  • Lessons learned from the titans of direct marketing
  • The beauty of curating content and overdelivering

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