Bing Howenstein – Behind The Scenes of a Shark Tank Pitch

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Bing Howenstein has used his history of movie-making (he produced the movie “The Bachelor,” for one) to transform into the physical goods space with great success and an appearance recently on Shark Tank with his amazing chair which you can find on his site On the show today, we have a fun chat about his experience appearing on the show, how he prepared his pitch ahead of time, his conversations with some of the sharks which did not make it on air, and what it’s really like to walk down that hallway and make your presentation.

We also dive into his plans ahead with his chair technology, how he plans to expand his line of chairs to other markets such as gamers, as well as his involvement over the last year with, a much-needed organization that matches up people who want to help others affected by the COVID-19 crisis with those in need. After you get your mind reeling with ideas, be sure to check out our chats with Ron Lynch and Robo Hendrickson for more tactics and insight on how to get more traction to get your products out to the world.

You should be keeping your body moving throughout the course of the day. Pretty much every other chair out there, are 3,000-year-old designs. You can go into the British Museum and see this 3,000-year-old chair. It’s the same thing we are sitting on right now.” – Bing Howenstein

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Everyone needs to experience something like….
  • How Bing got on the show
  • The vetting process everyone goes on
  • What you did not get to see happen on the show
  • Will we get to see Joe on a future episode of Wipeout? (fingers crossed!)
  • How to prepare your pitch, especially if you know not all the sharks are going to be a good fit for you
  • What you need to have prepared beforehand
  • Coming soon to a desk near you…
  • The two must-have things that you do not want to skip when you are an entrepreneur
  • A simple question you need to answer that goes beyond just knowing your numbers

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Enjoy this clip from our interview with Bing Howenstein:


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