Robo Hendrickson: How to Prototype and Patent Your Ideas

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After an 11 year stint as a professional rodeo rider in Texas, Rob, a.k.a. “Robo” Hendrickson, followed his creative talents into the world of advertising. Over the years, he used his know how to partner up with other like minded people, in a variety of companies. Robo is amazing at bringing products to market, agencies, advertising and making some badass products.

Robo has a strong background in knowing how to patent things, what the different types of patents mean and how much it costs to fight if someone is infringing on your patent. From him, you can learn from start to finish, how to bring a product idea to life by either raising money yourself, or through crowdfunding, as well as everything in between, including a lot of important steps that most people skip.

Robo is a super cool, fun guy who’s been around for a long time in this space. Not only has he built a great lifestyle, but he also gives back in a big way through his work. Get insight into how he had a defining moment at one point, and what he did to make a major turning point in his life and his career to design his ideal life and business.

“Good products are nice, but tacos can really make a difference.”
– Rob Hendrickson 

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to prototype and patent your idea
  • Different ways to fund your idea
  • How to create a manifesto to procure your ideal lifestyle
  • Important qualities to look for in when creating partnerships
  • How to research if your product idea is already being produced by someone else
  • The different types of patents
  • What to look for when finding people to design your product
  • Important things to research to determine the potential success of an idea
  • Why sometimes there can be success with a product even if has been mass marketed already
  • How to give back and make a difference

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