5 Tips To Create Brand Authority On Your Website in 2024 with Greg Merrilees

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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the strategic intersection of website design and user experience is more crucial than ever for businesses looking to build brand authority. In this episode of Hustle and Flowchart, host Joe Fier chats with website designer extraordinaire Greg Merrilees, who brings a wealth of knowledge in crafting websites that not only look great but also convert. They dive deep into the essence of data-driven and psychology-based design principles, the nuances of rebranding, and the importance of a website in building trust and conveying a brand’s story effectively.

The Impact of First Impressions in Website Design

Greg kicks off the conversation by emphasizing the critical role of a website’s homepage as a first impression. He shares the process of mood boarding and obtaining feedback essential in creating a homepage that establishes brand authority and trust.

Rebranding the Hustle and Flowchart Website

Joe expresses admiration for the overhaul of the Hustle and Flowchart site, transitioning from its former Evergreen Profits identity. The discussion explores the strategic approach taken to achieve improved brand alignment.

Creating a Partnership Page that Converts

Greg and Joe discuss the concept of a single, powerful partnership page that encapsulates the essence of a brand, presenting potential partnerships and acting as a digital one-sheet.

The Role of SEO in Podcast Page Design

The duo shares actionable tips on enhancing individual podcast pages through SEO practices and the importance of including transcripts, show notes, videos, and takeaways.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced User Interaction

The conversation turns to exciting prospects of AI in creating interactive elements like chatbots and audio clones, fostering engagement, and the potential for clones to scale personal interactions.

Strategies for Effective Podcast Outreach

Greg shares his nuanced approach to podcast outreach, focusing on the value provided to podcasters and influencers, along with bonus offerings and promotion of industry testimonials.

The Importance of Updating Visual Content

Highlighting common website mistakes, Greg advises on the necessity of keeping photos updated and professional to maintain a current and compelling online presence.

Investing in Professional Copywriting

Detailed discussion on the importance of investing in professional copywriters ensures messaging is clear and customer-centric, delivering a unique value proposition.

Optimizing Website Layout to Retain Online Traffic

Greg and Joe highlight the detrimental effect of leakage points on a website and suggest strategies to keep visitors engaged and connected to the brand.

Showcasing Podcast Value Through Design

Using Jordan Harbinger’s podcast as an exemplar case, this segment delves into how a well-designed website can serve as a potent tool for attracting sponsors and building trust and brand authority.


Joe wraps up the episode by summarizing the plethora of insights offered by Greg and reiterating the importance of a cohesive, thoughtful, and strategic approach to website design and optimizing user experience. Listeners are left with actionable advice and a clearer understanding of how to make their online presence resonate with their intended audience.

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