What’s “Enough” In Your Business?

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I’m taking the podcast in a direction that covers topics that aren’t discussed enough.

What is “enough” for us as business owners?

How do we know when we’ve done enough and don’t need to do more, more, more?

How do you know that you’re doing enough to provide for yourself and your family?

How do you know that you’re doing enough to provide for your audience and customers?

How do you know that you’re doing enough to create a life OUTSIDE of business that makes you feel whole?

I struggled with this for most of my entrepreneurial career.

It led me to make poor decisions or be completely indecisive. Ultimately to total burnout and pain.

It stops momentum and creates more harm than good.

In this and upcoming episodes, I’ll share my thoughts on this topic.

I’ll invite guests to share their ideas and give practical advice to help others find their “enough.”

It feels like this is a moment in time that many of us need this.

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