What You Should Know About Bitcoin, Blockchain & Crypto (Featuring Michael Taggart)

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This is a “rewind” episode from 2017 with Michael Taggart. This was one of the first times we discussed Bitcoin and blockchain tech. on the show.

We wanted to republish this episode because it’s borderline prophetic. Much of what Michael breaks down in this episode actually played out exactly like he said it would.

We discuss DAOs, what will replace Bitcoin, artists using tokens to build communities, influencers creating coins, and much much more… In 2017!

I was worried that this episode may be less relevant today than it was when we recorded it. I was wrong!

This episode re-blew my mind.

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Now, here’s a little of what you’ll learn in the episode:

  • What is Blockchain Technology and how does it work?
  • How is blockchain verifiable by the public and yet anonymous?
  • Major misconceptions about cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin as a deflationary currency
  • The three types of blockchain-based technologies
  • Blockchain’s brilliant approach to cybersecurity
  • The first blockchain-based social media platform
  • How blockchain technology will shape the future of the ride-sharing economy
  • Everything you need to know about ICOs
  • Why digital currencies need a self-regulating organization?
  • Michael’s great advice on getting involved in Cryptocurrency
  • Understanding the difference between coins and tokens
  • The excitement, innovation, tips and strategies around blockchain technology

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