How To Harness Your Visionary Thinking with Justin Breen

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In this episode of Hustle & Flowchart, Joe Fier and our remarkable guest Justin Breen, dive deep into the world of visionary thinkers and the role of intuition in entrepreneurship and personal growth. Justin, with his extensive background as a journalist and an entrepreneur, shares invaluable insights into how visionaries operate, the importance of emotional connections, and leveraging intuition for a fulfilling life.

Justin’s unique views on creating meaningful connections and his experiences in building a vibrant community of innovators are not only inspiring but also provide practical advice for anyone looking to elevate their personal and professional lives.

Perception of News and Politics

Justin discusses his transition from journalism to entrepreneurship, expressing discontent with the negativity often prevalent in news. He emphasizes the significance of focusing on impactful and positive storytelling, which led him to establish his own firm centered around connecting and elevating other visionaries. Justin’s shift from reporting news to creating value through stories sets an inspiring example for others in the media and communication fields.

The Visionary’s Journey

In this episode, Justin elaborates on the traits of visionaries, who are often misunderstood by society. He recalls a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson on greatness and misunderstanding, suggesting that true visionaries push boundaries and innovate outside conventional norms. He also shares personal anecdotes, including one about his son’s drawing, which symbolizes the complexities of balancing visionary traits with stabilizing forces in relationships and business partnerships.

The Role of Intuition

One of the critical themes of our conversation is the powerful role of intuition in the life of visionaries. Justin discusses how trusting your gut and heart over your mind can lead to more meaningful and impactful decisions. He stresses the importance of intuitive decision-making in avoiding life’s noise, which often leads to anxiety and impeded creativity.

The Power of Play and Entrepreneurship

Justin links the concept of play to the essence of innovation, drawing parallels between childlike exploration and entrepreneurial success. He discusses “adult kindergarten,” an initiative promoting joy and creativity among adults similar to children’s play. The historical context of kindergarten’s impact, particularly on Norwegian Olympic sports culture, underscores the value of play in achieving high-performance levels.

Importance of Emotional and Empathetic Connectivity

The episode dives deep into how visionaries often possess an inherent ability to read and understand non-verbal cues, enabling them to form deeper empathetic connections. Justin and Joe discuss the creation of spaces where individuals can collaborate without competition, focusing on empathy, understanding, and collective growth.

Insights on Personal Growth

Justin provides actionable tools for personal growth, recommending resources and assessments that help individuals understand their behaviors and actions better:

Concluding Thoughts

Today’s episode with Justin Breen not only highlighted the unique pathways of visionary thinkers but also the profound impact of intuition and emotional connectivity in leading a purposeful life. Justin’s insights into integrating personal values with professional goals to reach an “abundance apex” provide a roadmap for anyone looking to enhance their life trajectory. His stories and examples serve as a testament to the power of remaining true to one’s visionary instincts while nurturing relationships that foster both personal and communal growth.

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