The Art of Copreneurship: 6 Steps To The Ultimate Partnership [Part 2]

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We’re back with Part 2 of our “copreneur” series, featuring my lovely copreneur partner, Heather Fier.

We’re continuing from our Part 1 epside where we chatted about the journey we’ve had as partners and tips you can swipe from our experience.

This time around, we’re diving into the 6 ways you can approach business and life with your partner.

Copreneurs are when a partner work and manage the same company together…

But this is not the case for everyone… so we made these 6 steps to work even if your partner isn’t involved in your business.

We have 13+ years of being copreneurs together and have learned a ton.

You’ll learn these 6 steps plus a bunch more:

  • Prioritize communication: Set aside time to talk and plan regularly 
  • Clarify expectations and roles: Discuss who is responsible for what, and when 
  • Listen & be open-minded: Listen to each other’s ideas, and consider them objectively 
  • Share ideas openly & honestly: Be open to discussing any ideas, and don’t be afraid to disagree 
  • Resolve conflicts quickly: Work together to come up with a solution that works for both of you 
  • Celebrate successes: Acknowledge each other’s accomplishments, and take time to enjoy the wins

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