A Simple Framework To Explain What do you do – Nancy Marmolejo

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Branding is one of the vital business elements you should focus on since it is involved in all aspects of your business. Today’s guest, Nancy Marmolejo, shares some helpful ways to know yourself better and explains its significance and relationship to your branding. It is her passion to help you and other entrepreneurs by teaching you how to convey your value in a way that others would understand and relate with.

Today, Nancy explains the three essential things that she shares her clients regarding branding. She also shares the three-process message she has created as well as some concrete examples so you can come up with a genuine and compelling message that would resonate with your audience.

“I’m not about posturing. I’m about positioning from a very real honest place.” – Nancy Marmolejo

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Nancy’s concept of reinventing your personal brand
  • Defining “talent genius” and how you can find it
  • How this reinvention is a journey of self-awareness
  • The significance of knowing and understanding your natural strengths
  • One of biggest mistakes people make about communication
  • Why people don’t remember very structured, scripted messages over conversational and natural ones
  • Explaining the Love-Hate-Create Message, how to effectively do this, and its impact on others
  • Why you should follow the same order in the process
  • How and where you can use this message to promote yourself and your business

Questions For Self-Reflection:

  1. What am I really excellent at?
  2. What are the skills that I love doing?
  3. What are the skills that drain me?
  4. What are the things I’ve been good at since I was a little kid?

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