Sergei & Vadim Revzin – What Venture Funds Look For In Businesses

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Today we are talking to Sergei & Vadim Revzin, identical twins that also have a podcast together, called The Mentors. They are doing a lot of cool things and you’ll hear how Vadim is teaching as NYU and how he hacked his way into becoming a professor there, without going through the usual process of slugging through a master’s degree. We also talk about how Sergei runs a venture capital fund at NYU and helps businesses with investing and start-up mentoring.

They shine a lot of light on brand new startups and how people should approach this issue, what to have in place before you start creating a partnership and key components to look for to determine whether you have a sustainable idea.

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Owning private property and being an owner of your own destiny is human nature.” – Sergei Revzin

“In America, even though there’s still a lot of rules and regulations you have to follow, it’s actually relatively easy to start a business. You can be a sole proprietor and you never even have to go to college.” – Vadim Revzin

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Some common pitfalls when people are creating a startup
  • How the brothers started at a young age helping their father run a pillow pet kiosk at the mall
  • Why everyone should join a Meetup community
  • What are some of the criteria companies are looking for when researching  venture capital firms
  • How to test ideas to make sure you are validating problems in your market
  • What companies want to see when investing in other companies
  • The number one reason most start-ups fail
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  • And much, much more!

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