Salome Schillack – Huge Audience Engagement Using Facebook Ads

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Salome Schillack from joins us today and today we are chatting all about using Facebook ads to not only grow an audience but to grow podcasts. We like her approach because it doesn’t take a huge budget to make it happen, and she gives some great targets and metrics to look out for with your campaign. Salome also talks about the concept of getting engagement and why you don’t need to run ads with a call to action every single time. Even with your existing audience, you probably don’t need to be running ads to constantly telling them to do something and screaming for their attention. 

We also talk about the top of the funnel, and we’ve never used ads in the flow that she talks about, but she broke down some cool things that we plan on testing. She also talks about the distinction between landing view pages and clicks. That’s why we love her approach; just giving them something to love and/or laugh at. We also talk about front-loading your ad accounts in Facebook’s eye which ultimately leads to a better algorithm and lower ad costs in the end. When you are done, be sure to check out our chats with Ryan Levesque where he goes into depth about using quiz funnels for your Facebook ads and also check out our show with Curt Maly for more strategies on how to grow your brand without breaking the bank.

The first clue as to what is good engagement content is to look at what has done well on your social feeds, look at what people have already connected with, what’s gotten people to comment, share and what is already triggering an emotion for people.” – Salome Schillack

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Who knew that Joey from Friends had a social media strategy? 
  • Facebook ad account secrets? Shhhhh
  • What to do if you have no audience yet and want to run your first Facebook ad
  • How to revive an older Facebook or Instagram account whose engagement has dropped
  • How to use quizzes in your funnels
  • Growing your podcast audience with Facebook ads
  • The sweet spot for ad costs 
  • Examples of ad content to use for multiple purposes
  • Facebook quizzes that are tanking? Are you running one of these? 
  • Getting the basics done first before you get into the fancy tactics

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