Russ Morgan & Joey Mure – The Formula For Financial Freedom

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We have an awesome show today with Russ Morgan & Joey Mure of Wealth Without Wall Street. Listen in as they break down their four-step process for financial freedom and each one could be an episode in itself. They talk about getting clarity over your finances, using assessments, and how much you should be spending on a monthly basis. Then when you reach that goal, reinvesting it in your business. Once you make the money that funds your ideal lifestyle, you can figure out more beneficial ways to use those finances. 

We also talk about the importance of improving your financial literacy which is super important and about picking your passive income paths, building your opportunity fund, and detailing the lifestyle you want. Russ and Joey also blend their community, podcast, and content which works great and is something we are headed towards ourselves. Stay tuned! If you enjoyed this show and want to learn more about how to make your dollar go further while getting into the correct money mindset, be sure to check out our shows with James Altucher and Mark Joyner.

When we get clarity about what we want, then we can move in the right direction. Here’s the thing about entrepreneurs – we are great at making money, but we’re also great at making more jobs for ourselves.” – Russ Morgan

What most people do, is they come to us and ask what should they invest in…it doesn’t matter, because what you invest in should line up only with what you want money to do and what you want your life to look like.” – Joey Mure

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • That time when we thought about going into the cattle businesses
  • Why typical financial advisors are not the best for entrepreneurs
  • How to get clarity on your future investments
  • The importance of cherishing what you’ve created and how to plan for your loved ones future so that is continues
  • Figuring out your passive income scorecard so you know which debts to focus on paying down first
  • Getting control of your cash flow and why the standard advice is not always the best
  • The downfall of having a 15-year mortgage
  • Why a podcast works for expanding your reach from having local clients to ones all across the globe

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