Transform Your Career: Overcoming Subconscious Hurdles with Dr. Lise Janelle

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Welcome back to another episode of the Hustle and Flowchart Podcast! Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Lise Janelle, a renowned life transformation coach who specializes in helping professionals eliminate subconscious blocks that impede their success. This episode dives deep into the realm of personal achievement, shedding light on how subconscious beliefs shaped by past experiences can significantly influence our current success and happiness.

Understanding Subconscious Blocks

Dr. Lise Janelle opened up our discussion by explaining how subconscious blocks are often rooted in our early childhood experiences and how they can dictate both our failures and our achievements. She shared the story of an Olympic skier who struggled to win despite intensive training. This athlete’s deep-seated belief, stemming from childhood, that they did not deserve success was sabotaging their efforts. Dr. Janelle’s technique, the Heart Freedom Method, has helped individuals like this skier overcome such blocks and achieve unprecedented breakthroughs.

Overview of the Heart Freedom Method

We delved into Dr. Janelle’s Heart Freedom Method, a transformative approach that incorporates Neuro Emotional Technique and the teachings of John Demartini. This method emphasizes identifying subconscious beliefs and replacing them with gratitude and a heightened sense of self-worth, leading to improvements in relationships, finances, and overall career trajectories. It’s a method focused on aligning your inner truths with your heart’s deepest desires, fostering a phenomenal transformation in all facets of life.

The Role of Gratitude in Personal Growth

A significant part of our conversation centered on how gratitude amplifies self-worth, which plays a critical role in unlocking potential and fostering success. Dr. Janelle emphasized that gratitude is not just about being thankful for the good things but also appreciating the challenges and learning from them. This mindset shift is pivotal for genuine growth and happiness.

The Impact of Childhood Experiences on Self-Worth

Understanding the link between early emotional experiences and self-worth was another critical topic. Dr. Janelle explained how the absence of emotional support in childhood could make recognizing our value and acknowledging our own desires more challenging as adults. This understanding is crucial for anyone struggling to achieve their goals, as it highlights the need for a compassionate self-review of one’s past to align better with one’s future aspirations.

The Stages of Human Development

Dr. Janelle outlined two main stages of human development: the unconscious state driven by external validation and the conscious state driven by internal beliefs. Transitioning from the unconscious to the conscious state involves acknowledging and letting go of those ingrained beliefs that no longer serve us. This transition is imperative for anyone looking to live a more authentic and fulfilled life.

Facing Life’s Challenges and Transformations

We talked about the importance of facing life’s challenges head-on and using them as stepping stones to achieve greater success. Dr. Janelle shared personal anecdotes, including facing her father’s terminal illness and learning from the rollercoaster lives of Hollywood stars. These stories highlight the importance of resilience and finding inner peace amidst life’s extremes.

Finding Your Purpose and Understanding Personal Goals

Finally, understanding and connecting with one’s purpose emerged as a theme. Dr. Janelle advocates for taking time to explore and understand where one is heading in life. This clarity, coupled with a connection to one’s heart’s desires, is the ultimate formula for achieving not only success but also true happiness and fulfillment.

Resources from Dr. Lise Janelle

For those interested, Dr. Janelle offers various programs to aid personal growth, including the Extreme Freedom Retreat Weekend and an online training that encapsulates the essence of the Heart Freedom Method. Learn more and explore free resources through this link:

This episode was a deep dive into the transformative power of understanding and reshaping our subconscious beliefs. The compelling insights from Dr. Lise Janelle underscore the incredible impact of aligning our life’s purpose with our deepest values and desires. Whether it’s overcoming subconscious blocks, embracing gratitude, or understanding the stages of human development, this conversation is a goldmine for anyone looking to elevate their life to extraordinary heights. Keep pushing forward, and remember, the journey to self-discovery and personal growth is one of the most rewarding investments you can make.

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