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We love Neil Patel and basically grew up in our marketing, learning from him and Quick Sprout. While this episode is shorter than our usual ones, there is definitely some gold in here as always, as we discuss the benefits of UberSuggest, how QuickSprout got started as well as Neil’s excellent work ethic and tenacity in distributing so much content on his own.

You’ll also hear how, even though he feels he has a few haters (which means he must be doing something right), he is able to ignore pretty much all the negativity and push on through, only taking in anything that can benefit him in the long run. 

Neil also discusses what he considers would be best practices for just starting out as well as what he does to keep his content fresh and rank continuously with basically no ad spend. After you’ve delved into this episode be sure to check out our previous shows with Paul Clifford and David Sinek, two folks who also know a thing or two about content and SEO. 

My philosophy is don’t get bogged down by people saying negative stuff, take that negativity and if you can improve, improve. If you can’t because it’s just opinions and there’s nothing you can use to make yourself better, then keep moving on.” – Neil Patel

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get backlinks on your site from SEO
  • Why every little bit helps by posting on a variety of sites
  • Some ideas about the future of the internet and where we are headed 
  • How to use organic content properly
  • Neil’s list of sites for content linking and how to use each one properly
  • How to deal with haters
  • Neil’s tenacity and his content producing machine
  • And much, much more!

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