Navigating Uncertainty While Growing Your Business with Chris Krimitsos

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My friend, Chris Krimitsos, is back on the podcast for a round two. He is a thought leader, connector, and community builder in the podcasting space.

Chris has successfully grown Podfest™ Multimedia Expo to an international conference with upwards of three thousand registrants, set back-to-back world records for the largest virtual podcasting conference and organized the first blockchain event in Florida.

In this conversation, Chris and I discussed how to drop guilt and take care of yourself during a stressful phase in business, how to structure your days and weeks to live a happier life, how to evaluate your time and build relationships that provide limitless opportunities, plus the impact of the pandemic on events and businesses.

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to Drop Guilt and Take Care of Yourself During a Stressful Phase in Business
  • What Chris Has Learned About Running an Event as It Keeps Growing
  • How Chris Structures His Days and Weeks to Live Happier
  • His Lessons From Being in His 40s After He Shifted How He Approaches Business
  • How Chris Evaluates His Time
  • What Chris Has Learned Working with His Wife, Katie – His Dos and Don’ts
  • How Chris Builds “Insurance” Into His Business for External Events
  • How Chris Approaches Relationships That Fulfill His Life and Provide Limitless Opportunities
  • How Face-to-Face Events Have Changed Chris’ Perspectives in Business
  • How a Simple Breath Practice Helps Chill Joe Out in Any Situation
  • Joe & Chris’ Relaxation Tools and Routines
  • The Upside and Downside of Both Partners in a Couple Being Entrepreneurs
  • The Importance of Building Relationships and Creating Good Times with People
  • Strategies for Connecting and Building Value with People
  • The Impact of the Pandemic on Events and Businesses

For more information, go to Chris Krimitsos’ site and the global podcasting event, PodFest.

Grab Chris’ book called Start Ugly: A Timeless Tale About Innovation & Change

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