Matt Wolfe

Matt Wolfe

Moxie, that’s the first glimpse Matt Wolfe got of what it took to be an entrepreneur. He learned it from his father, the man who started his own company with a wife, three kids and no back-up plan. Naturally, with a guy like that in charge, Matt couldn’t really fall too far from that tree.

Pair Matt’s role model up with the two guys he calls his favorite authors, Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins, and it’s a natural to see why he was always destined to be his own boss. Some of the biggest lessons Matt learned from his role models and favorite thought provokers included how to manage people effectively, delegate with confidence and create efficient systems.

Of course, those lessons aren’t the easiest to internalize. Matt admits his biggest weakness is not letting stuff go because he knows he’s pretty damn efficient at getting things done. He feels if he could just delegate more in the business and be comfortable letting go of clutter in his life, he could reach his goals at a much quicker pace. Guess it makes it easy to understand why his primary focus right now is to let stuff go, doesn’t it?

Matt WolfeSpeaking of goals, when Matt was a wee one, he always wanted to be one of two things. He was either going to be a fighter jet pilot (the product of being a kid growing up in San Diego, going to air shows with his dad and having a grandfather who was an airplane mechanic) or an NBA player because he was passionate about playing basketball as a kid.

Luckily, Matt’s entrepreneurial foray started right alongside his father at the family home blind and shutters business. Not only did Matt pick up those lessons in moxie his father was throwing down, but he became an expert in developing efficient systems. This is exactly where Matt cut his teeth honing his superpower of teaching complex systems in a way that makes them easy for people to understand.    

How Matt really wants to be remembered is as someone who makes an impact on the world by helping as many people as possible. Taking that a step further, Matt wants to teach his children to do the same so they can make an even bigger impact helping even more people in their lifetimes.

To be remembered this way would take a little leap on Matt’s part as well, out of his limiting belief that people wouldn’t possibly pay him to teach what he knew. He had a difficult time, like most people do, realizing the value inherent in his knowledge base. Once he made the shift and started to charge more than $10 at a time for his courses, he opened the floodgates to endless income opportunities and now realizes what abundance is.

One of Matt’s biggest goals is to see at least one game in each of the MLB ballparks in the United States. The reason why may be surprising. It’s not because Matt’s a giant fan of professional baseball, but because he’s totally into the history and culture contained in America’s ballparks themselves. While nostalgia seems like a legitimate driver behind this goal, it’s not the only motivation.

Taking a cue from his favorite movie quote in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life,” it may not come as a surprise that Matt’s all about getting out there, enjoying epic scenery, discovering new places and connecting to them by snapping photographs. It’s something he does just for his own enjoyment, a way to feel creative and a temporary break from his usual systematic approach to his work day.

Matt Wolfe - Walter Mitty

Sometime soon Matt may realize another dream of owning a vacation home in Queenstown, New Zealand where he can connect and take photos of what he calls, “the most epic scenery and surreal landscape I’ve ever seen in my life.” Maui is another dream vacation home spot due to its relaxing vibe. In his words, “My mind goes to a completely different place when I’m on a beach in Maui.”

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