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Joe Fier always knew he was meant to live “big,” something he shared with his mom when he was a young grasshopper. He looked up to her as the most successful person he knew, who always had her shit together and got paid very well to do the work she did. He promised her one day he would make her proud and make more money than she did. Let’s just say Joe has one proud momma who’s thrilled for his success these days.

So, how did Joe Fier become the son of a beaming mother? What’s his secret sauce for success? I’m guessing it would be his superpower, the ability to befriend just about anyone. Taking that one step further, Joe’s goal of wanting to be remembered as a friend, as the guy who made people’s days a little better, more fun or interesting is definitely a major contributing factor also.

Even from his first steps into the working world, Joe took a great approach to make the best of it. When he took those first jobs at Burger King, then Famous Footwear, he made sure to recruit his friends to come work at the same place. He figured if he had to get paid he might as well have fun doing it, and that’s exactly the type of environment he created as a young employee turned “recruiter.”

Big goals also require bigger thinking, and Joe’s no slouch in that arena either. Taking his cues from the Casey Neistat and Elon Musk videos he begins his day with, there’s no doubt he’s poised to color way the heck outside the lines. Add to that the wisdom of learning to listen to your heart, recognize opportunities and follow your dreams contained in one of his absolute favorite books, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, he shoots “nothing but net” from the free throw line of life.

As Joe progressed into an entrepreneurial role, first with his video business, then with his marketing agency partnership with Matt, he had one big hangup. He finally got to let the belief go that he had to cram too much into every day, that he had to do the work and put in all the hours to “make it” because he learned about automation and systemization methods from Matt. Now Joe knows what true success feels like.

In true partnership style, Joe got to impart one of his favorite life lessons to his buddy Matt. Joe helped teach Matt that we all shouldn’t be taking life so damn seriously because it’s just a big game and no one really knows what they’re doing anyway. That was some pretty solid advice considering the growth they’ve seen as a team in the last few years.

Lazy Saturdays just aren’t part of Joe’s agenda. When he’s not guilty of overloading his work days with tasks, he’s out exploring nature. In true Forgetting Sarah Marshall style, Joe’s not content to take life lying down. He takes his cue from Chuck in the movie who says, “When life gives you lemons, just say, “fuck the lemons” and bail!”

Joe Fier - Fuck The Lemons

So, don’t be surprised if Joe is out of touch one day soon doing a 30-day digital detox while he connects with nature and himself somewhere tropical and amazing, like Hawaii. Since he’s vacationed there a few times, he’s fallen in love with the slow island pace and the lush greenery. In fact, it’s somewhere he’s always wanted to live and may give it a go sometime once he’s confident he won’t succumb to “island fever.”

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