The New Way To Launch Online Education & Communities

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Joe is back with another snackable episode today, and he’s talking about what we have learned from some very smart folks in the business marketing community. This is how online education is being launched these days, leveraging 3.0 web technology. If you are not aware of what that is, Joe will be explaining a bit of what that is today and why you should be paying attention. He’s going to talk about how things are changing in terms of product launches and community launches and why you should be aware of this, because it’s coming fast. 

It’s a crazy world but it’s definitely something you should be aware of as a business owner. He also discusses some recent examples of folks who have launched new communities, the technology behind it and some examples of cool access perks that anyone can offer or get by being involved. Interested in learning more about this new tech? Then be sure to check out Matt’s recent episode where he chimes in and our chat with Joel Comm who has always been on the forefront of new tech, including this one.

Brands are leveraging this web 3.0 and the NFT technology in creative ways to give access in ways that haven’t been done before.” – Joe Fier

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why you should be paying attention to Web 3.0
  • The new membership model of the future
  • Examples of perks that you can get with an access pass
  • Which new models to study now
  • Our plans for the future and for our community
  • The technology behind these new communities
  • Why it’s a whole lot more than just jpg images and NFTs
  • The endless opportunities with this wave of the future

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