Ilana Wechsler – The Missing Puzzle Piece To Paid Advertising

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Today we are chatting with Ilana Wechsler who is a former data analyst, turned Pay Per Click marketing expert. An authority in both Google and Facebook advertising, she is the founder of boutique digital agency Green Arrow Digital which has managed over $30 million in Pay Per Click campaigns. Now, she runs an online training program, called Teach Traffic, where she teaches business owners exactly how to run profitable digital ad campaigns for themselves, without needing an agency. 

On today’s show, Ilana details her paid ad puzzle technique and how to make the different pieces of your marketing puzzle work together. We talk about the best way to target without a high ad spend, and how to make retargeting work for you the right way as well as the use of in-market audiences. You’ll also hear why you shouldn’t be really focused on one traffic source, as they all have their place, and each source can feed each other. When you hear the way Ilana matches it out with her traffic puzzle, it makes so much sense. Now, more than ever, ad prices are dropping, while internet usage is much higher. This is the time to hone in on your traffic and dial in your puzzle. 

After this episode, get more advice about how to run your ad traffic more effectively as well as get more visitors from Nate Broughton and Nicholas Kusmich

If you can’t find a way to make retargeting profitable in your business, then the answer is not more traffic. The answer is to change your offer, because clearly your offer is not resonating with your audience.” – Ilana Wechsler

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to dial in your targeting on Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.
  • How to start with low hanging fruit first and expand from there
  • What to do with your colder audiences
  • How to use data from display targeting with your placement campaign
  • How Google is shifting towards more identity-based targeting
  • How to start small, be strategic and profitable instead of throwing away wasted dollars on ad spend
  • How to get your fans to share and comment about your awesome offering
  • The importance of brand traffic so you can send your visitors exactly where you want instead of Google (or worse, your competitors)
  • And much, much more!

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Contact Ilana Wechsler:

  • Teach Traffic – check here to learn about Ilana’s upcoming course where she will go into more depth about figuring out your puzzle pieces to paid ads

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